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About Wan-A-Beez

Wan-A-Beez was created out of the desire to provide parents with fashionable baby essentials at great prices without compromising on the quality of the garments.  We are confident that you (and your baby) will appreciate the effort we put into each product. We stand by our products, therefore, we offer a guarantee that our product will hold up to repeated usage and washings.  If any of our garments do not last for 3 months from the date of purchase we will send you a replacement.


Oh Baby!

As a new mommy, besides naming my baby, picking out teeny tiny outfits is probably the most fun thing about having a baby. Even before I became a mom, I found clothes shopping for my nieces and nephews to be irresistible.

Being a new mommy, I would have to say that baby clothes are the best gifts to give. Having extra outfits around means laundry less often, and that is never a bad thing. When you have a baby you learn that they can go through multiple outfit changes a day, so it is great to have a few trendy and fun outfits, while also having affordable cotton basics.

That is what I love about this new line from Wan-A-Beez. There is so much versatility in every ensemble, the outfits fit well, and you do not really have to splurge for value. All of this makes Wan-A-Beez a great choice for my baby, the most precious thing in my life. 

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Shop 'til You Drop!

Okay, I'll admit it, being the proud mom of two little ones (under 2!) has turned me into quite the shopaholic... and not particularly for myself! I'm constantly looking out for the most stylish items to add to their wardrobes so they can have the most on-trend ensembles. The trick to keeping a quick-growing infant or toddler in on-point outfits is to shop for versatile items like bodysuits, pants and dresses that can be mixed-and-matched easily to transition from season to season. Also, choosing items that can have multi-purpose uses is ideal as well. For example, a coverall can go from bedtime to playtime easy as pie! To make sure these items last through diaper changes and messy meal times, it's important to invest in only top quality pieces. The struggle is real when trying to find high-quality items without a high price tag to go along with it!  

This is where my next advice comes into play! SHOP ONLINE! Any mom knows how difficult it can be to take your hungry infant and antsy toddler out for a mall outing (heck, it's hard enough to go to the grocery store!) Trying to compare prices and dig through racks of clothing on top of that can be stressful. Online shopping is my go-to! Comparing prices is easy, but nothing can be as good as it seems, right?! Stress-free shopping, easy price checks, where is the catch?! How convenient would it be to have a wallet-friendly, high-quality brand that's dependable so all us busy mamas can shop (online) stress-free?! ...I think I found it! ;)

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Wan-A-Beez Spring 2016 Line

After many years of planning and designing we are so proud to finally be able to introduce our expanded line to all of our family (that's what we call our customers over here at Wan-A-Beez).  Yes, that's right, all of you are like family to us because you have pushed us to get to where we are today and without your support we could not survive.   

Anyways, we hope you enjoy our expanded offerings which include a full line of bodysuits for baby girls and boys.  We are also excited to introduce baby sleeping gowns for boys and girls, rompers and coveralls for boys, and polo dresses for girls.  We think that all of these new styles are a great complement to our existing novelty bodysuits that we introduced in 2014.  

We are so excited for what the future holds and we are already tirelessly at work thinking up new designs and ideas to bring to all of you in the future.  Stay tuned.

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